For patients 12 years and older with chronic graft-versus-host disease (chronic GVHD) after 2 prior systemic treatments did not work.

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Chronic GVHD throws your immune system out of balance

During a blood stem cell transplant, stem cells from a donor (the graft) are added to your body (the host).



Your body’s cells and organs BECAUSE THEY SEE THEM As a threat.

When this happens, it can lead to chronic GVHD. Chronic GVHD causes your immune system to become unbalanced, creating too many of some cells and molecules, and not enough of others. This leads to inflammation (swelling) and fibrosis (hardening, scarring), which can damage your organs.


Learn about inflammation and fibrosis in chronic GVHD 

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Medicines that treat chronic GVHD

Health care providers may try different medicines, including immunosuppressants, to help treat chronic GVHD. However, for some people that might not be enough, and they will need a different approach.

REZUROCK works differently

REZUROCK can help REBALANCE your immune system. It is the only approved medicine for chronic GVHD that blocks the ROCK2 pathway in your body. This may reduce the INFLAMMATION and FIBROSIS that can happen with chronic GVHD.

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What are inflammation and fibrosis?

INFLAMMATION is swelling that occurs because your body is trying to protect itself.

Inflammation that goes on for a long time, like in chronic GVHD, may cause damage to your body.

FIBROSIS is the growth of scar tissue that hardens and keeps your organs from working properly.

In some people, fibrosis happens when inflammation continues for a long time. It is also possible for scar tissue to form without any inflammation.

About the ROCK2 pathway

Many systems in the body work through what are called "PATHWAYS." These pathways are a series of actions that take place among cells and molecules within the body. One such pathway is called "ROCK2."


In people with chronic GVHD, this ROCK2 pathway is too active. This leads to a decrease in cells and molecules that help keep the immune system in check and an increase in cells and molecules that cause inflammation and fibrosis. The result is an immune system that is OUT OF BALANCE.

GVHD, graft-versus-host disease.

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